Most houses and structures face some type of stucco gaps, cracks or breaks.  Shafran has been repairing and re stuccoing homes for over 23 years, we can help you with you Stucco questions and concerns. 

Stucco is applied in three coats:  Scratch, Brown and Finish.  These coats are places on lathing paper and wire, the process to apply stucco should only be performed by a professional.  There are special hand tools that need to be used in order to create texture designs.

Scratch coat:  Is the first Stucco coat that is placed on the metal lathing and mesh wire.  This application needs time to dry, give surface about 7-10 days to cure.

Brown coat:  Is the second Stucco coat that is applied to a surface.  This coat is applied with thick mortar mix that is got a special mix of concrete, sand, water and aggregate, this coat is applied with a racking method.

Finish or Color coat:  This is the final Stucco coat that is applied to a surface.  The finish coat is applied with special Stucco tools and in a special artistic fashion.  This coat places the Stucco finish on the surface.

There are three main stream stucco finishes in the market today: Orange Peel (Gentle), Knockdown (Rough) and Smooth finish (Smooth and texture less).