Is the exterior of your home in need of maintenance?, are the wood fascia or eves affected with wood rot? is the stucco weathered and crumbling?. Dunn Edwards, a leading paint supplier advises that homes should be painted every three to seven years depending on:  How much direct sun a house gets, shifting and settling damage in the soils, water and moisture retention against the sub floors and weather conditions that can affect the house’s integrity.

The most important part of a quality paint job is the preparation work. At Shafran, we start off the project by pressure washing the exterior of the home (to remove dirt, debris and dust from the face of the house), we cover the circumference of the house with plastics, drops and mask up all the necessary areas , move all articles or items to an area with less foot traffic, remove all necessary electrical fixtures that are placed on exterior walls, prepare the wood by sanding it down with power grinders that house an electrical 36 grid sanding disk (this process exposes the wood work around the house structure), we then screw back old screws and hammer back old nails, we fill in all necessary gaps and cracks in the wood with silicone caulking and wood fillers, Shafran spot primes all necessary weathered areas, re stuccoes all damaged sections around the house and then paints wood, fascia and trim with at least 2 coats of a high grade paint. The job is finished off with a thorough cleanup process that evolves to leave the property like Shafran Construction was never there.

Interior Painting:

Shafran Construction also paints interiors, the same cover up and cleanup process applies to all projects.  Once all areas have been prepared for painting, Shafran examines that walls for holes, texture problems and gaps.  Shafran fixes drywall and plaster with:  Taping, Topping, Joint Compound or Smooth set powder.  Yellow tape is used to repair drywall cracks, gapes and holes.  PVA primer is a good interior primer to use on newly installed drywall.  The walls and ceilings get painted with a flat paint.  The base moldings, crown moldings, doors and windows get painted with a semi- gloss paint.  Kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings are painted with a semi- gloss paint as well due to moisture content in the air.

Types of paint finishes:

There are four types of paint finishes:  Flat, which is the most popular for interior walls and ceilings + exterior walls and trim work.  Satin, is a finish that is with a little sheen, mostly used for trim work (interior and exterior). Egg Shale had a little more sheen than Satin and is also used mostly for (Interior and Exterior) trim work.  Semi – Gloss is used for (interior and exterior) trim, bathroom and kitchen walls and ceilings. Lastly, High Gloss is used for (interior and exterior) trim and metal work.

Sample Paints:

Shafran Construction understands that choosing paint colors is a difficult task and that is why Shafran gives our clients three free paint swatches to place on their walls before they choose a paint color. Before painting an entire structure, it is imperative that the client will be satisfied with the new color that they choose for the interior or exterior of their home.  Let us help you make the correct choice when it comes down to choosing a paint color.