Your eating area is the most dynamic room of the house.  Are you happy with your current kitchen design? Are your cabinets sturdy ? Is it time for an upgrade?

Shafran Construction had been remodeling kitchens for over 20 years and we’ve developed strategic ways to create great looking kitchens for a fraction of the price.

Let us design your kitchen from scratch.  We are able to pass on our contractor’s pricing to you.  Demolish the old and install the new, kitchens today are very technical, we take pride in installing the most user friendly designs and concepts.


Cabinets:  Maple, Pine, Cherry wood or stained.  Elevated base or crown moldings, built in appliances, under cabinet lights, granite counter tops with Island, custom tile floors that match the keys on your counter tops, double and triple bull nose design, wood soffits and recessed lights.


Better safe than sorry, call Shafran today, we are here to help.