Block Walls

This is California and Masonry is always cracking, shifting or braking. Shafran specializes in Block and Retaining wall Construction.  There are many aspects about building a walls:  City scope, Building and Safety, soil type, moisture content in soil, slope, slump of soil, size of footing and foundation and Block and rebar size.


Block walls are the best way to minimize noise penetration to property.  Shafran can construct a solid Block or Retaining wall for your property.


Scope of work:  Demolish existing wall or fence, haul away debris with garbage container, dig a trench, approximately (2′ wide x 3′ deep), remove and haul away debris.  Form area using wood 2’x4’s and bender boards, place adobe blocks for rebar to sit on,  install # 4 rebar 1/2” in diameter, pour 2500 – 3000 PSI Concrete mix, install first row of blocks, wait until it cures and install the rest of the Block wall, finish wall with a cap and grout all the cinder block cells.  Clean and pressure wash area and call it a day.


Most commonly used Blocks:  Cider Block, Gray Block & Slump stone Blocks.


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